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Browse through our range of Slimline, Rectangular, Round, Commercial and Retention Colorbond Aquaplate steel rain water tanks. Delivery across Melbourne

Slim Thin Tanks gives 10 years warranty from the original date of purchase. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not transferable

Slimline Rainwater Tanks Melbourne was the first to make the slimline shape Colorbond tank over 30 years ago. Custom built Slimline and Round Tanks.

Provide a variety of water tanks for use in a home, farm or business. Range of poly water tanks, slimline water tanks.

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Get cheap water tanks in Melbourne & across Australia when you order online with G Store. We’ll give you top quality at the lowest price. Browse online.

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Trust a Bailey Slimline Water Tank with your most precious resource. Bailey The #1 Name in Slimline Water Tanks for over 40 years.

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his stand is used to sit your 300 litre slimline tank on or it can hold a 700 litre. No more bending over to c

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A manufacturer and distributor of roto-moulded polyethylene water, chemical, industrial and molasses tanks and aquaculture ponds with a range from 60 to 25,000 litres

Trust a Bailey Water Tank with your most precious resource. Bailey The #1 Name in Water Storage Tanks for over 40 years. Tanks from 425L to 30000L.

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