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Large Selecton of Native American Indian Jewelry, From Navajo, Zuni Artists, all at! Most of Our Jewelry is made from silver, turquoise and coral

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Navajo Jewelry handmade by Navajo jewelry artists from the four corners area. Only all natural high grade Turquoise set in our Navajo jewelry!

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Calvin Begay is an award winning artist, jeweler, designer and master craftsman. He was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1965 and raised in Tohatchi, northwestern New

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Old pawn jewelry / dead pawn jewelry is made by Native American Indians for Native American Indians by Zuni and Navajo silversmiths. Old pawn jewelry is the most

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A little history about Zuni Fetishes you may find interesting. Zuni Fetishes were thought to be so powerful by the U.S. Government that in the late 1800’s Frank

Quality Native American Jewelry and turquoise Coral all at Enjoy Native American Art with Authentic Navajo and Zuni Jewelry

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Traditional Navajo Taboos By Ernest Bulows Navajo Taboos for Nature, Domestic and Wild s Coyote The Trickster

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The Navajo, who call themselves Dine (“The People”), are the largest Native American group in North America. Their tales of emergence and migration are similar to

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