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Jun 18, 2017 · Usage notes . In the USA, there are three honors often added to diplomas and degrees, and two others less commonly used. cum laude– with honor

Rare honors can include egregia cum laude and maxima cum laude. The most confusing part of these terms are whether or not they should be italicized.

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Cum laude [1] (en latín, ‘con alabanza, con elogio’) es una locución latina usada para indicar el nivel de rendimiento académico con el que se ha obtenido un

Learn what the terms “magna cum laude” and “summa cum laude” mean and how different universities determine which students receive these academic honors.

Types. Many institutions confer three levels of Latin honors, as follows: cum laude, meaning “with praise” (or “with honor”) In North America, this honor is typically

Define summa cum laude: with highest honor — summa cum laude in a sentence

Cum Laude, Magna, Summa, Honor Role, Graduating With Honors, Mean, Definition, Requirements, GPA, Convocation, College, High college, Initiation, Ceremonies, Induction

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This year’s class includes: 881 Associate of Arts Degree candidates 39 Summa Cum Laude 61 Magna Cum Laude 92 Cum Laude 423 Associate of Applied Business Degree

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Cum may refer to: A Latin word, which can be either the preposition with or a conjunction meaning when, because, or although. An English linking word, derived from

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