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I Was A Trump Taj Mahal Cocktail Waitress — Here’s Why He Shouldn’t Be President

I am a cocktail waitress at a hotel and it isn’t all that bad. I don’t were things that make me uncomfortable but then again you know what your getting yourself

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The Problem Solvers Premier Uniform Designs wants to help you solve your most challenging cocktail uniforms problems. Submit your questions or issues to our, “Ask a

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Find just the right office uniform look for your front desk staff at Averill’s Sharper Uniforms and earn free shipping on orders that apply.

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Finally! Exactly what you have been waiting for! provides the most fashionable waitress uniforms in the business. We know that you want to look

Browse our casino uniforms from professional to flashy, all with functionality and gaming security in mind. Coordinate all your employee uniforms for cocktail

Creating the industry’s image by manufacturing upscale and custom uniforms for casinos, gentlemen’s clubs, nightclubs and restaurants.

Musings from the front lines in the restaurant industry. Under Cover Waitress philosophizes on life from her humble position on the dining room floor.

Wait Staff Uniforms: Waiter Uniforms (& Waitress Uniforms, Too!) Looking for great waiter, waitress, and waitstaff uniforms online? We have an excellent selection of

Uniform Solutions for You. Looking for new uniforms ideas for Restaurants, Hotels or Casino? Our idea experts are ready to help. Free advice free samples

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