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Over at Christ and Pop Culture, you can read my article on Larry Wilmore’s Black on the Air. After listening to a few episodes this summer, I knew I wanted to write

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Please, people, I can hear your objections from here. But first think back. Before “Sex and the City,” the vast majority of iconic “single teen” characters on

The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.

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AskMen’s Video channel has a huge and highly entertaining collection of educational, funny, sexy, and viral videos.

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Experts discuss the differences between male sex drive and female sex drive.

This edition of Napoleon Hill’s Classic Think and Grow Rich is a reproduction of Napoleon Hill’s personal copy of the first edition, the ONLY original version

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Ricks Random Thoughts: I make notes sometime about thoughts and save them for later and after going through my notes, I decided to make a page with just

Trump officially nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDA’s top scientist

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Expert advice and titillating true sex stories on foreplay, sex toys, the best (and craziest) sex positions and more. Are you ready for a toe-curling, eyes-rolling

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