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The Curse of Ham is a misnomer for the curse upon Canaan, Ham’s son, that was imposed by the biblical patriarch Noah. The curse occurs in the Book of Genesis and

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Slavery Does Islam condone slavery? Does Islamic teaching allow Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves? Islam neither ignores nor condemns slavery.

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Slavery in the British Isles existed and was recognised from before the Roman occupation until the 12th century, when chattel slavery disappeared after the Norman

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Slavery on Gor Excerpted from John Norman’s Gorean Sagas. Earth teens have a reputation on Gor of being among the lowest and hottest of slaves. There are doubtless

The date of the first arrival of African slaves in Guyana is not known, but it is believed the first group were brought by Dutch settlers who migrated from

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Slave ren were often given minimal amounts of clothing. On some farms, they went entirely naked. Mattie Curtis, who was enslaved in North Carolina, remembered in

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In America, the head-wrap was a utilitarian item, which kept the slave’s hair protected from the elements in which she worked and helped to curb the spread of lice.

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