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Outing is the act of disclosing an LGBT person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without that person’s consent. Outing gives rise to issues of privacy, choice

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Things Gay People Can’t Do Gay Movies on Netflix LGBT Movies on Netflix Greatest Gay-Themed Movies Gay Icons in Film Secretly Gay Anti-Gay Activists Families with

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Anonymous • 1 year ago. We are commanded by our lord Jesus to love and respect all people. I do not ,however,consider a same-sex Union to be a Biblical marriage and

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Videos, photos and stories about the life experiences of Gay men: Life, Love, Coming Out, Fun & More!

By Hamish MacDonald. UPDATE:Hamish has started a DIY Book podcast! Back in 2000, I wrote an article for this website about how to produce your own book.

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SYNOPSIS. As homosexuality becomes more broadly accepted within the culture, it’s no surprise that more Christian families are hearing a loved one say, “I’m gay

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