Group B Strep Vagina

A group B strep infection (GBS) may cause serious infections in pregnant women and newborns. Read about symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Group B Strep Infection is a bacterial infection that can be found in a woman’s vagina or rectum and passed to the baby during delivery.

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What causes group B strep infection? How is group B strep transmitted?

What is the evidence for antibiotics for group B strep during labor? Are there any alternatives? Can hibiclens, garlic, or probiotics treat GBS?

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Most babies born to women carrying group B strep are healthy. But the few who are infected by group B strep during labor can become critically ill. In infants

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In this patient education FAQ, learn how Group B strep affects women during pregnancy and their newborns, including testing and treatment for GBS.

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Group B streptococcus (strep) is a common bacterium often carried in your intestines or lower genital tract. Group B strep is usually harmless in adults. In newborns

So, You’re Positive And in this case, we’re not just talking about your overall outlook on life. Like so many mamas, you took the Group B Strep test in pregnancy and

Group B Strep – Fast Facts and Statistics about GBS

Learn the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, causes, and treatment of group B strep, a bacteria (Streptococcus agalactiae) that can cause infection in pregnant women and

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