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Sex Dolls. Images courtesy of Q: Ever wonder why adult bookstores don’t display fully-inflated “realistic” love dolls modeled after porn stars?

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MASSAGER: THEUTIC MASSAGER applies pressure to treat muscle dysfunction 7 STRATEGICALLY PLACED BALLS for full-body massage ERGONOMIC DESIGN enhanced leverage …

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Some inventions are just so pointless that they end up on our list of the 25 most useless inventions ever.

More Clean Dumb Blonde Jokes Enjoy our collection of Clean Blonde Jokes Riding. One day a blonde decided to go back riding. After a very long search, she

Blonde Inventions: 1.Tricycle kickstand 2.Solar flashlight 3.Fire proof matches 4.Inflatable dartboard 5.Glass hammer 6.Black light bulb 7.Boomerang grenade – Blonde Jokes and More 4-Sided Building Joke; A Blonde Cowman Joke; Blonde and The Doctor Joke; Blonde Handyman Joke

Comedy Central Jokes – – Q: Why was the blonde’s bellybutton bruised? A: Her husband was a blonde, too.

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