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So many of us work to cover up our freckles when we should be doing the opposite. We pull together 8 makeup looks for freckles that put them on full display.

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Information on Freckles from The Skin Center –

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WebMD explains moles, freckles, skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, and lentigine. Find out what they look like and how they’re treated.

Adding to the woes of acne, blackheads, & whiteheads, freckles are something that most of us just don’t want to deal with. Here is how to get rid of them permanently

Read about the causes of freckles (sun, genetics), red or brown spots on the skin. Learn about freckle prevention and treatment (laser removal, fade creams).

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Freckles are a result of genetics and too much sun exposure. Find out why they appear and what to do if you don’t want them.

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