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May 12, 2017 · Modern humans have been around for 200,000 years, and we have proved that we can do incredible things with our bodies. We can run, jump, contort, cool

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In 1862, French neurologist Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne de Boulogne published The Mechanism of Human Facial Expression, a scientific and aesthetic text on the

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Dec 15, 2012 · Mankind has always had a semi-violent nature as its driving force. Over the years, people have obsessed over finding the best ways to dispense of

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Check out these Bizarre Things Found In A Human Stomach (which would probably make even the most experienced surgeons, cringe).

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From falling out of bed to getting trampled by a hippopotamus, these are ten of the strangest death statistics ever! (death statistics)

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Christmas was not, as it turns out, miraculously handed down as a fully formed holiday, complete with wrapped gifts and blinking lights. Rather, it is a rich tapestry

From Blue Skin to the Werewolf Syndrome, a description and pictures of some of the most rare skin diseases and skin conditions ever seen. (skin diseases pictures

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An oil painting of an anatomy lesson with Frederik Ruysch, an anatomist who created bizarre dioramas out of infants’ skeletons. Wellcome Library/CC BY 4.0 In 1689

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